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BOOKS BY Dan & Marie
The Optimal Salesperson - Mastering the Mindset of Sales Superstars and Overachievers describes in detail the essential attributes of top performers in the sales profession. Even more importantly it identifies the hidden weaknesses which prevent talented people from reaching their full potential. If you are a sales professional who has studied all of the sales techniques and are frustrated with your progress you will not only discover what is holding you back but learn how to overcome those hidden obstacles to success. If you are a business owner or VP of sales and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on sales training with little return, this book will explain why the training didn't work and where you should expend your effort in the future. Dan Caramanico and Marie Maguire have provided something for everyone who is involved in sales. 
Optimal Selling - Getting the prospect to share with you their compelling reason to buy is the most important skill a salesperson can have on a sales call. Without a compelling reason to buy, prospects cannot be closed. If you are having trouble justifying your higher price, it is most likely because you have failed to uncover a compelling reason for the prospect to pay the difference. We all know that prospects are guarded when they talk to salespeople. They try to protect themselves and share as little information as they can get away with.
Dan Caramanico and Marie Maguire have written an engaging and insightful book describing how to get the prospect to share with you their deep seated motivation to buy. They do it in a clever way through actual dialog between prospect and salesperson. They identify the eight most common and deadly mistakes salespeople make that prevent them from uncovering the prospects compelling reason to buy. They graphically illustrate what happens when you make each mistake and then they show you how to have the conversation correctly with a positive outcome. They not only show you the techniques to use but how to apply them and more importantly the mindset you must have to make them work. Easy to read, you will find this book an invaluable addition to your sales training library.
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